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Okay, so I have read about all the 101 type witchcraft books out there. Without a coven or a teacher is there anything on the market to take my training/education any further? Are there any more in-depth books on the market? I would love to take my skill to the next level, but feel that I have gone as far as I can at the moment.

Any direction would be lovely. Thank you all so much

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Prophetic Dreams


There is a lot on my plate at the moment, with lots of uncertainty. Everything from family, to lifestyle, to the basic strands of life are coming apart. So, I asked my Goddess to use my dreams to show me what is to come. For the first time, in 18 months, I had a horrid nightmare. Woke up in a panic, soaking wet, adrenaline so high that I could not get back to sleep. I am taking this as a very bad sign, of whats to come.

1- Meditate laying in bed. Go to your secret spot.
2- Chant slowly, while breathing deeply:
Tonight I ask, to dream of whats to come,
Please show me what I need to know,
Tonight I ask, to dream of whats to come
Please show me what I need to know,
Tonight I ask, to dream of whats to come
Please show me what I need to know,
As above, so below
So mote it be
3- Meditate until you fall asleep.

While this is a very simple spell, without the need for any other items. Your will and intent is enough to carry this out.

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Are You a Cliche?

witch 1

Hi! My name is Kat. I have a black cat named Salem (after the witch trials). And my favorite color is Black. Typically I am in jeans, black boots, some sort of black top and 9 times out of 10 I have black nail polish on. (No I don’t have some grunge, emo thing going on. Just black is classic, looks great on everyone, and matches everything.)

When you think about witches, what is the cliche? Do you fit it? When I use to think of witches, I thought old women, dressed in black, pointy hat, black cats. They must own a lot brooms, probably into a lot that weird stuff (pendulums, tarot cards, crystal balls). It basically is not a pretty picture of what one might look like. Minus the black pointy hat, I hit a lot of the points. Is this a bad thing? Does this make me less of a witch? Does it make me an embarrassment to witches?

I think not. I had my name LONG before I discovered that I was a witch. I have dressed like this again LONG before I knew I was a witch. My cat, well that came after. But do these things hurt who I am, or hurt the “image” of witchcraft? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? All I know is that I like who I am, that I like how I look, If people say that I am a cliche then that is their issue not mine.

What about you? What is your cliche and do you fit it?

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What Kind of Witch Are You?

Well I am a witchy-witch. Hehe.

This is a question that I was asked the other day, and honestly had no idea how to answer. I was baffled, and thrown off course. I mean, come on, I am witch, what do you mean “what type of witch”? It seems, that just calling yourself a witch is not good enough. The people in my life need to know what type.

Off I went to find out about different types of witches. Do you know how many different types of witches there are? I really had no idea, and I have been a closet witch for quite so time. There are: hedge witches, kitchen witches, green witches, wicca witches, celtic witches, gardenarian witches, solitary witches and the list just goes on and on.

I set off on the path to figure out what kind of witch I am. (Honestly though, I am thinking that the word witch should apply to everyone that reveres nature, practices magic and honors the Goddess(es). Just my opinion.) Looking at all this material, I started by crossing out the things that I am not. I can’t keep anything alive to save my life, so green witch is out. I don’t like being in the kitchen, actually hate being in the kitchen, so kitchen witch is out. And I continued this method until I came up with a few items that did fit. But nothing fit perfectly.

So I have come up with, I am a Eclectic Solitary White Witch. Now that is a mouth full. I think that I will just continue to say witch. What type of witch are you?

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Tarot Cards… Buy Yourself or Wait for a Gift?

photo 2 (11)

I have heard that for a set of tarot cards to truly work, they have to be given to you. That you must receive them as a present. Is this true? Do you really have to wait for someone to give you a set? What if you don’t like the set that they give you, that must be a really bad sign?

I certainly hope that is not the case. I have purchased many tarot cards for myself over the years. Since I have “been in the broom closet” so to speak, no one has ever thought to purchase or gift me a set. I really love my decks, and have had great accuracy with them. So, I think that this you have to receive your cards from someone else, is more of a myth then a hard and fast rule.

The two decks that I have pictured here are my favorite decks. The top one is my Oracle Cards; they are by Colette Baron-Reid. It is my favorite deck, they are just beautiful. While they are tarot cards, in the sense that they look into the future and you can use traditional layouts. That is about all the similarities there. I find that this deck gives very positive outlooks and messages, which resonates well with me.

The deck below is the OSHO Zen Tarot. While looking into the history of OSHO, I have to say that I am not impressed, or even happy with the history. However, I did not know any of that when it was purchased. I like that it incorporates very traditional qualities into the cards; for example- the elements and the minor/major arcana. It is a pretty deck and fun to use. I do tend to get more negative reading from it though.

What are your thoughts? Can you buy your own or do you have to wait for them as a gift?

photo 1 (11)

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Parking Spell

Since “coming out”, everyone I know asks me what my favorite spell is or what spell do I use ALL THE TIME. I always get a chuckle when I answer, my parking spell. I know this sounds silly, but I seriously use it every single day. Going to Costco the day before Turkey day is insanity; expecting to get a close parking spot is call for the looney bin. That is what I did, crazy yes, but after casting my spell, not only did we get a good parking spot, we got the very first spot right outside the main doors. Proof that yes, in fact, this spell works amazingly. If you believe it will work.

1) When entering the parking lot, touch your ring finger and your thumb. Making yourself a “traveling” circle.
2) The original spell says to chant “Squat Squat- Find me a spot“. For me, while this works, I have a much better accuracy rate when I alter it slightly. By being more specific (like all spells) helps, as well as, being a bit more polite. I mean who wants to help out someone demanding you to do something? So I have altered it to say, “Squat Squat- I am going to xxxx- Please help me find a close spot“.
3) Continue to chant/say/sing this until you have found a spot.
4) Be sure to drop a penny outside your car, to thank  Squat for finding you a spot.

Thats it! Good luck and I hope that this will help you out when needed.

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Do you believe in magic? Well since I am a witch, I would answer yes I do.

This was a writing prompt a few days ago. At first I kinda chuckled at it, I mean who doesn’t believe in some form of magic. Love is magic, excitement about something is magic, luck is magic; and so on. But as I was toying with this idea, and writing about what I thought was magic (you can see that post here), it came to me that not everyone believes in magic. Why is that?

I think it is because when most people think of magic, they think of the Hollywood version. The wave a wand, say hocus pocus, have fire shoot out of it the end, and poof the the room is clean/the dishes are done/the boy is a toad. While I wish that this type of magic existed, sadly it doesn’t. Well then, what does qualify as magic?

Magic is the ability to move energy. Everything in life has an energy, it is the main life force that all living things share. Magic is the art of pulling those strings to bring you to your goals. Moving energy does not happen with a spark and instantaneously something is materialized out of nothing. Sometimes magic takes hours, days, or even weeks before you will see the outcome. Be patient, once you move energy it will come to fruition.

So do I believe in magic? The answer is still, as it always will be, yes I believe in magic.

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A is for Artemis


What goddess do you turn to? What goddess do you ask for guidance from?

Most people, when you are talking about goddesses, would say the greek goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite, Hera and so on. One of the most important, but less known goddesses, is Artemis. She is goddess of: the hunt, wilderness, and animals. She is also the goddess of childbirth and protectress of young girls and maidens. She is a virgin goddess and her roots extend to even pre-greek times. She is a goddess that has record of those worshiping her (even to her name) dating well before many of the other Greek gods.

She has an interesting birth story: she is the elder of the twins. Once born, she helped her mother Leto (Zeus’ wife), deliver her brother Apollo. Hence why she is the goddess of childbirth.

She is the protectress of us, all while being strong (goddess of the hunt, wilderness). She is who I turn to, she is who guidance I ask for, she is my goddess. Who is yours?

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What is Magic?

magic want

What is magic? Magic can be a very complex series of ceremonial words, objects and timing, or as simple as daydreaming a new reality.

To me, and I only talk about MY opinion on this subject, magic is the ability to  move energy towards your desired goal. I don’t think that you need a complicated ritual to be able to cast a powerful and effective spell. Actually, quite the opposite. Most of the time, I think that a simple yet very focused spell works much better then something elaborate that you are more worried about “getting it right”.

What do you need to preform magic? All you need is intent and you. Like any art, you need to practice. You need to spend time perfecting this art with study, but above that, you need to be able to clearly state what your desired goal is. You need to learn to be specific about the where you want to be, without putting constraints on how you get there.

Can anyone preform magic? Of coarse! How would you use magic in your life?

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Happy New Year 2014


Welcome 2014!!! A new year. A new chance to make yourself who ever you want, be who ever you are. Do you all do resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I always have resolutions: lose weight, eat better, have more patience. But come February I typically fail on all accounts. So this year, I have a plan. I am going to make a plan for the changes that I want to see in my life. Here are my plans:

  1. I want to practice magic more. To do this I am going to set aside time every week, to work on my spell crafting and spell casting. Maybe even work more with herbs for everyday living.
  2. I want to use my talent with divination more often. To do this I am going to continue to study and practice using my pendulum, oracle cards and tea leaf readings.
  3. I want to meditate every day. Normally I am able to do this a few times a week, but in 2014 I am putting it on my calendar for every evening. I always enjoy the time, whether it be quiet reflection or a more guided look into my scared space.

I think that that will be a good start to the new year. And for sure putting my craft more in the forefront of my life, which always brings more peace and balance to me.

What about you? What are your changes for the new year and how are you planning on keeping them?

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